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At least the Broncos are leading at half time. STs looked better, I was interested in Jamal Carter's play at ILB; I think he did OK at best. Looking like Alexander Johnson will be a backup there? Who else though? I think that is probably the position that has the most ? all the other "rooms" seem pretty well set... wait, not PR but that is something that can be ironed out in the regular season ... IMO
Overall the defense still looks good, even the 2nd team against the 2nd/3rd team.
The few plays Rypien played actually looked better than Hogan but that doesn't mean much. I want to see more Rypien in the 2nd half.
I think Josh Watson will end up ahead of Johnson. Unfortunately I donít think Carter makes it at ILB, even in coverage which should be a strength he just kind of looks lost. Not sure if he had PS eligibility or not but thatíd be ideal for him to relearn the LB position while adding weight.

Edit: I think that itíd be a good idea to give players an extra season of PS eligibility for position switches, but make it like a one time thing