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    Quote Originally Posted by Broncos-R-Great View Post
    That’s all they’re getting, $6 million a year? Is that really worth it?
    Heard them talking about the deal on the radio this morning.

    It seems it is more then simply the yearly fee. Empower also has partial financial responsibility for annual upkeep and repairs. Additionally the potential renovations over the next 20 years that are being discussed. Adding hundreds of millions to the deal going forward.

    Not sure why, but I find that kind of interesting that it is more then just some simple marketing.

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    Lose the red.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DenverBlood View Post
    Hey that’s the company that runs my 401k. So now they own the stadium naming rights of my favorite team and my future. I’m scared.
    Empower is another new banking app put together by Sequoia Financial which was started in Los Angeles as a collection agency. It's probably cloud based with no bricks or mortar buildings anywhere and staffed by people in India and Malaysia. You should be fine.

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    Four other companies inquired about obtaining the naming rights to Mile High

    • Denver-based bank holding company FirstBank
    • Oakland, California-based health-care giant Kaiser Permanente
    • Denver-based vaporizer company O.penVape
    • Denver-based vertically integrated cannabis company Native Roots

    Full article (subscription required):
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