Welcome Back Broncomaniacs!

Iím back from my off season hibernation. It was good, Birdy and I added another Bronco Fan to the family last month. .

Let me start by saying, Thank you Mods for letting me do this yet once again.

Are you ready for some Monday Night football? Iím ready Hopefully the Broncos are.

Broncos are coming off yet another disappointing season. Since Superbowl 50 We have went 20/28. We tried a carousel of Qbs, and this year the dark horse is Joe Flacco. Can he right this sinking ship. Mighty Joe, who lost his starting job in Baltimore to Lamar Jackson. Could he be the steady hand Denver needs? Also have we finally fixed the O-line woes that have plagued us the last three years?

We made a lot of changes since last year, the new faces and players from other places. One of our better moves though was keeping Chris Harris. We have Chubb and Miller terrorize up front while our secondary hopefully shores up the back end. We need the D to be the force it once was. The offense needs to show more than it has the last 3 years. We have the talent, but have not had the production.

Vic Fangio is now our head coach, and doesnít seem like the kind of guy who just relies on a week of ďgood practiceĒ. He is a man who demands results. He will scheme and disrupt his opponents with creative use of his players.

As usual I look at out 10 year snap shot. Opening day we are 8-2. Not bad considering again the history of coaches we have had during that time. Of the 8 wins, 7 were home, 1 on the road. The two losses were one on the road, one at home (McDaniels/Fox) This will be the 1st time since 2010 that we are opening the season on the road. This time to face the much hated Raiders.

John Gruden's team trying to rebuild itself on the fly. The Hard Knocks team that made waves picking up Antonio Brown, before realizing Brown was there to make waves of his own. So they released him so the Pats could sign the giant Diva. So much for the AFC this year. Raiders are like us, a struggling team. One that doesnít have much to lose, which make them dangerous. They can take risks because so little is expected of them. Gruden will make the most of it.

I've watched the preseason, not sure what kind of team we will have. I see promise, but will it be realized?
Hopefully a new coach, means a new direction and a chance to go back to our winning ways

Thank you one and all. Please as usual follow the rules of the COC. It's game 1, the mods have a long season ahead of them. Let's help them as best we can. Looking forward to the upcoming season, all the highs and lows. As always GO BRONCOS!!