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    Quote Originally Posted by beastlyskronk View Post
    I canít even judge Yiadom off this game. What do you expect a CB to do when he starts out 10 yards off the LoS or when theyíre giving up over half a foot in height and some 50 pounds in weight? Only special truly elite CBs can play that far off the LoS and play at a high level, but not everyone is Champ Bailey.

    I was excited for Fangio because he allowed his CBs to play up near the LoS in Chicago and they funneled WRs inside the numbers and up the field where Eddie Jackson could use his tremendous range to make plays on the ball. Simmons doesnít have the range or the ball skills to do that, at least not yet but we canít just let these guys line up way off the ball and let them get beat over and over again. At least being close to the LoS will force the QB to hold the ball and let our pass rushers do some damage
    I think the idea was to get quick pressure from our pass rushers forcing Carr to throw early and those defenders playing 10 yards off could come forward for potential turnovers.

    Saw Callahan do it a few times last season however we just have to accept that it didnít work against Oakland because they have some legit tackles.

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    Time for Bausby. Yiadom can take seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumiere View Post
    Dude looked like mashed potatoes out there. Suck it up rook.

    I like mashed potatoes... with butter..

    I don’t like yiadom....

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    Bausby despite having some interesting appeal after the interception totals he produced in the AAF league, he has forever been a bubble roster spot guy in the NFL, who when he started his last game years ago was abused badly. Obviously the tape is limited on him, but I went back and watched his NFL play, and the guy is not better than Yiadom.

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    Well it might be time to move Jackson back to CB, at least until Callahan can play, and let Will Parks man the other S spot.
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    Q: How do you score against the Denver Broncos?

    A: You throw it right Yiadom.

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    He had a bad game. IMO the coaching staff should have recognized it sooner and did something about it.

    Have no problem if the coaches feel he deserves another shot but he needs to have a short leash and the Broncos (Yiadom and the coaches) needs to expect that every team the rest of the year is going to try and pick on Yaidom. It is an opportunity for the kid but it is also something the coaches need to be prepared for if the kid it not up for the opportunity.

    Hopefully he makes some big plays early and teams will see more than just blood in the water and react like sharks.
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