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To be clear...if this thread was started with a conversation about 2019 week 1 I would be typing different posts. There are things I saw in week 1 I did not like. Not sure what is up about the things I saw at this time but it had nothing to do with double teams or lack of double teams.

It was obvious from post 1 this was just as much about 2018 as 2019....who knows what was thought about more when making this thread.
In one of the threads following Monday nightís game there was a comment about Von being double-teamed. Itís not difficult to get the context of this thread, given how quickly you posted the same Next Gen stats from last season.

The common defense Von doesnít show up has been and continues to be something like, ďHeís always double-teamed.Ē You can parse the discussion by challenging the meaning of ďconstantĒ and ďconsistentlyĒ. Again, itís not hard to interpret the main theme - some fans defend Von with a generic comment about being double-teamed.

Monday nightís game was no exception with the same excuse for Von. The fact is that he was only double-teamed twice (from the tape I watched). The lack of pressure wasnít only a result of Oaklandís scheme with quick passes and their talented RT. Von was slow with his first step. He gave minimal effort IMO and looked disinterested based on the lack of intensity. He wasnít a factor defending the run and the FB absolutely smacked him on one play.

As far as the Next Gen stats, do you know how they evaluated the double-teams? Was the stat based on pass plays, run or a combination? Do you know the accuracy of those stats? You base your entire argument on those stats so please provide some background on how itís measured.