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    Courtland Sutton

    Regardless of how you feel about the team right now, Sutton showed a lot in week one. An improved route tree with better footwork and a type of physicality we havenít seen from the WR position in a long time. 59 of his 120 yards were after the catch. The WR group as a whole looks strong despite some hiccups with Sanders footing and Hamiltonís big drop. With Patrickís injury we may even get to see how Winfree fits in this week

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    Yeah sutton is coming around really well. Your right if Sanders can stay upright he scores a td on that play and if Hamilton catches that td pass we go on to win that game imo. If our Defense steps up and we execute those plays on offense we are gonna be competitive.

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    I was very impressed by Sutton's performance. Great Job ! Keep up the Hard Work All Season !!

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    I think Sutton showed a lot of promise in 2018. He was held back by the QB play and his own lack of constancy

    His play in week 1 showed hopes of the growth I was hoping he would make in year 2.
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    Yeah Sutton really stepped it up last week. Hamilton needs to do the same. That TD drop is aggravating.

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