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    NFL Next Gen Stats - getting more access to Broncos stats

    I have seen stats posted from articles on NFL Next Gen stats which leads me to think there is more stats available than what we can access easily as fans.

    Does anyone know if there is another level of access to Next Gen Stats? I researched for a small amount of time this morning but I could not find anything.

    Also does anyone know if these stats are done by the NFL or outsourced? It seems the NFL keeps stats with the use of chips (shoulder pads and/or helmets depending on the site) and then possibly uses services offered by other sources to analyze the stats?

    There seems to be more to the stat collection than what I have read but I was not able to find details in the small amount of time I had today.

    I did not keep some of the websites I found I found one where Amazon was offering computing services to the NFL but it was more of a marketing post than a informative post.

    Here is the website tho
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