Welcome Back Broncomaniacs!

So what did you think of the Broncos 6th preseason game? Someone needed to tell them the season started. Oakland was ready and on fire. Monday Night at home against a rival. Of course they were ready. Too bad our coaching staff showed we werenít.

Before I get further into this thread, Iíd like to talk about a charity that is close to my heart. Itís called the Isaac Yiadom Foundation. The foundation supports traumatized CBs who are tortured and tormented on the field by opposing QBs. The goal of the foundation is to help these CBís regain the confidence, skill and knowledge to retake the field without hopelessly looking lost or out classed. Wonít you help #toastedbronco Thank you

So yeah week one was awful, but there was plenty of blame in all three phases and the coaching.
So here we are week two, the Denver home opener against the Bears. Vic Fangios old team, who may not terrorize you with their offense, but will destroy you with their defense. The five sacks on Aaron Rodgers was not a fluke. Green bay was also 2 of 12 on 3rd down thanks to the Bears D. Bears also held the Packers run game to 2.1 YPC

The Denver D was supposed to regain itís dominance. Not make Derek Carr's Jersey look like the after shot in a Tide commercial.
Denverís offense needs to get it together as well. Flacco did some good things out there, but he was far from perfect. He caught fire in the 4th quarter going 8 of 9 for 131 yards and a TD. Too late though. The run game struggled parts of the night. 21 carries for the two headed beast for 99 yards and no Tds.

Flacco was sacked three times on Monday night, the Bears team may triple that up if we donít get better protection for him. Chubb and Miller need to start getting sacks of their own. As a defensive unit we need to be better as a whole, secondary was flat out bad. A bright note for this week though is that the Bears O-line gave up five sacks in week one.

Looking at our 10 years stats, this is our best week of the whole season historically. In week 2 games we are 9-1 over the last decade. The only loss was Manning at the Falcons in his first year with us. Of the 9 wins , 7 were at home and two on the road. So that is a positive.
We need the offense to start kicking it in high gear. Bronco are 12 -1 when holding opponents to under 24 points in the last 2 seasons. The issue is team has averaged 19.22 PPG since 2017. That ranks them
26th in the league during that period.

We need to turn it around and this week seems a good place to start as any. We know it is a long rough season. Going 0-2 will not help that. We beat the Bears the last 2 times we faced them. The last time in Mile high it took some Tebow Time but we got the ďWĒ This team needs to show what it can do, and Vic needs to show it wasnít a mistake making him a head coach after all these years.

Thank you one and all. Please as usual follow the rules of the COC. It's game 2, the mods have a long season ahead of them. Stay classy. Hopefully this time we get the ďWĒ Let's help them as best we can. Looking forward to the upcoming season, all the highs and lows. As always GO BRONCOS!