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Sorry but Saying the refs cost you the game is 100% excuse making.

If I just mention injuries you pretend that is excuse making, on what planet does that make sense?
What planet...EARTH!

If a player or players get hurt, that doesn't equate to an automatic loss. However, a ref can make a bad call or not make a call that he should have and that indeed could take away a win or create a win. Example: 2018 Rams - Saints NFC Championship game.

I understand, a team has to be able to overcome horrible calls made by refs. But it's extremely difficult with 31 seconds remaining in the game and a ref makes 1 possible 2 horrible calls! And it's not the same with injuries. That's why teams have back-up players.

There are games when a team plays terribly for 4 quarters but some how wins the game, and there are games when a team plays fantastic for 4 quarters but somehow loses the game. Weird but it happens.

Congrats Bears! You out played us for 90% of the game. But I believe the refs assisted you in that win.