So gang, did you like the gutsy 2 point call, to go for the win?

Last year when other coaches went for the 2 pointer win, I seem to remember lots of criticism, especially when it did not work. My gut tells me a lot of fans love it, WHEN it works.

I think Fangio is trying to send a message. And I am ok with that type of call, because a tie only gives you about a 50% chance to win, typically that would be resolved in OT, but...they scored the winning FG prior to. For me, if you believe in your play design, and your ability to produce, you go for it, because a single extra point does not win you the game. Now, if your team has been faltering in pressure situations, the tie is not a foolish idea. Live another set of downs or more.

But the real question is not whether you liked the outcome of it yesterday, but were you on board when we went for it....not knowing the outcome?

Then again, it was a strange ending....2 point conversion, which is penalized, which turns into a missed extra point, which was penalized, to return the ball to the 1 yard line, which prompted the 2 point attempt, again. Strange brew!!