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    Quote Originally Posted by Stackhouser View Post
    Okay, wait a second................. Some of this is getting a little far fetched.......... You aren't going to be informed of team happenings from the front office. You do realize how unbelievable it is that you are rubbing elbows with the Broncos brass, right??? Sorry, but come on.................
    That’s not what I said. I said based on what I’ve heard, Matt Russell will be that guy will be scapegoated in favor of John Elway.

    Ive said plenty of times that John Elway is not going to be fired However when youve made such bad personnel moves, and using up salary cap space on guys like Case Keenum, Joe Flacco (extension) and Juwann James then add in the Bad draft selections and then insisting that those bad selections start over capable players just to make it look like you have a good track record because they are still on your roster, crap will eventually hit the fan.

    Sooner or later someone will have to pay for it and we all know it is not going to be John Elway.

    Right now Matt Russell is putting his resume out there because he is aware of what is happening. You don’t need to rub elbows with the Broncos front office to know this, you just have to understand what’s going on with this team and see the writing on the wall.

    If it offends you guys this much I wont attempt to force any type of inside information that I may have heard on you guys (nor that I have) but I think the bigger problem is that some of you just can’t handle criticism of your favorite player.

    You guys take issue with anything said about John Elway. I’m pretty damn sure that if it was Brian Xanders, there wouldn’t be anybody whining over my comments. It’s pathetic it really is pathetic.

    The most pathetic thing about it is the oldest poster in here (Arapaho) is the worst one whining and crying every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arapaho View Post
    Somebody disappeared and came back with revisionist vision lol

    You initially made the injury claim sonny, at the beginning of the season, whining about DJames, whining about okung being injured
    And all else

    What I said is we have injuries too! You don’t see us crying or using it as a excuse

    You cried about okung I said were missing our starting OT too

    You cried about James, I said were missing our starting RCB

    You can make up your own story but not facts
    yes you had injuries too, kind of like the chiefs have an offense and you do too! your team just has normal injuries, you will just name one and pretend like that's so debilitating but several key injuries on the chargers are just excuses. it's gotten beyond old.

    yes not having james, or Philips his backup.....but an un drafted rookie that is good enough to be on the practice squad at best, that's the same. that' the same as not having trevor williams your starting CB or michael davis his back up, we have yet another undrafted rookie starting.

    so lets summarize: one legit third string SS replacing an all pro, one legit third string starting corner and you think that's the same as losing one starting corner only? sure man, sure....... at least i know my team is struggling and it goes beyond injuries, you always seem to have an excuse for why your teams offense sucks every year and every year it's exactly the same.

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