Welcome back for another week everyone! We had five lives lost, three due to incorrect picks, and two due to no picks at all... Nobody was eliminated this week, hopefully I can say the same next week!

Best of luck everyone!

The rules are as follow
1. You cannot pick the same team twice.
2. Your pick must be in at least one hour prior to the picked game's scheduled kick off time.
3. You must participate from week 1 to be eligible.
4. Everyone starts with one life, if you are correct after week 1 you gain an additional life. Once you reach 0 lives you are eliminated.
5. If you still have 2 lives after week 8 you gain one more life. Maximum lives accrued to be 3
6. In the event of a tie game, the result will be as if each team won.
7. You may change your pick, at least one hour prior to the game you originally picked, and an hour before the game you are changing to. However you are responsible for making sure I am aware of the change.

Here is the acceptable form of entry for this contest.

Seattle at Green Bay
Green Bay
Used: Denver, GB

If you are successful after the first week please list all of your teams you have chosen afterward.

The standings are as follows:
EddieMac 2
Thors Hammer 2
Elway421 2
-Rod- 2
Canmore 2
JPPT1974 2
MarkB 2
dipablo 2
dizzolve 2
BroncosFanInPA 2
johntbronco 2
ThreeGees 2
BroncoFanBoy 2
broncosgal24 2
Peanut 2
Spice 1 2
80stheman 2
Hoove 2
sra84 2
ManhattanBronco 1
RunYouOver 1
Sophia23 1
taz1458 1
#87Birdman 1

The schedule is as follows (all times Eastern):
Thu Sep 19
8:20 pm Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars
Sun Sep 22
1:00 pm Atlanta Falcons Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm Baltimore Ravens Kansas City Chiefs
1:00 pm Cincinnati Bengals Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm Denver Broncos Green Bay Packers
1:00 pm Detroit Lions Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 pm Miami Dolphins Dallas Cowboys
1:00 pm New York Jets New England Patriots
1:00 pm Oakland Raiders Minnesota Vikings
4:05 pm Carolina Panthers Arizona Cardinals
4:05 pm New York Giants Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4:25 pm Houston Texans Los Angeles Chargers
4:25 pm New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks
4:25 pm Pittsburgh Steelers San Francisco 49ers
8:20 pm Los Angeles Rams Cleveland Browns
Mon Sep 23
8:15 pm Chicago Bears Washington Redskins