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    Embracing The Mobile/Athletic QB

    I have done a little study based on what appears to be a trend, that teams are really embracing the mobile QB concept, and it appears that this style is gaining momentum. Clearly Lamar Jackson is the poster player for the mobile QB, and he looks every bit the MVP part, so far this season. This popularity seems to have taken hold in and around 2013 (think Newton, Wilson, Kaepernick, Griffin III), based on my simple data analysis. Let me explain...

    I narrowed it down to 2 categories, QBs in the top 50, and top 60 of rushing leaders. I could have just kept it to one category, but wanted to see if it added any more clarity to what I am analyzing. As for 60, I had to draw a line between where non rushing QBs made the list. By 60, whether I am correct or not, you start running out of RBs, and guys like Matt Ryan start showing up. (Hey, it's not exactly a high level study!!)

    Anyway, when I think of the QBs that are being drafted, and how some of them are performing, like Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, Allen, perhaps even Murray, it appears that QB athleticism is back in a big way. Those who are agile, but not without some decent ability to pass.

    To set the base for the following, after 2 games this season there are 5 Qbs in the top 50 rushers, and 8 in the top 60. Last season was exactly the same (5 and 8). From 2013 to game 2, this season the average has been, 4.1 and 6.7.

    Whereas during the period of 2003 thru 2012, the averages were only 1.6 and 2.4. Guys like Vick were few and far apart.

    However between 1999 and 2002, there was another boom era, with an average of 5.8 and 8.5. 2000 was the most prolific year of all, with 8 QBs in the top 50, and 12 in the top 60. Mobile QBs were ruling the turf. Think of: McNabb (27th), Gannon (32nd), Culpepper (35th), Stewart (37th), Garcia (38th), McNair (40th), King (45th), McNown (50th), Johnson (53rd), Fielder (56th), Blake (59th), Brunell (60th), and a bunch more just below. This was mobile QB prime time!

    From 1989 thru 1998 the numbers were lower, averaging 1.7 and 4.3.

    And though my analysis may not be overly sophisticated, there seems to be much more evidence that the mobile QB was not much of a factor, from 1970 (the beginning of my review) thru 1988, averaging just 0.9 and 1.8. Different game, far different era.


    Now, there are loads of explanation for all of this. The game changes. The rules change. Teams adopt and adapt. There is a high degree of copy cat'ism,. The discussion for the changing landscape going back to 1970 could take days.

    But I am focussing on the era of today, because I sense that young QBs with good legs and good arms, and yes, good football IQ, are a special commodity. If players like Lamar Jackson can shine, at least for now, no doubt other teams will get more interested. Sure, many of us like the guy with the cannon, but what if that guy can move?

    So, back to The Broncos. Flacco is doing his best, so far. Folks are correct in saying that. But when I gaze into the future, will Lock be the more mobile weapon we can depend on? Quite possibly. If not, do we embrace the idea of going with young guns with very quick feet? I hope so. For me, that's not necessarily the way it will all go, but at the same time I would not rule out the possibility. I believe in a good passing arm....but athleticism can get it done in more ways than one.
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