i hear people saying this class isn't loaded and it makes me want to explain why it is. i feel this is one of the most talented QB class i have ever seen. it may end up setting a record for first round QBs. like 2021 i have 2 that are really standing a head of the pack, but this one i think there are probably 5 first round draft picks maybe 6

1. Tua Tagovailoa
i think this kid is special. he may be on a dominate roster but i really like him as a leader and personality aspects. i think from those this is the type of kid i want to build a franchise about. sense high school has he been first in. he check marks all the things you would ever want for arm talent from a QB. can make every throw with Ease and runs a 4.5-4.6 so is a good enough athlete to escape and make more plays.

2. Jake Fromm
he has not showed to be much more then a game manager in college he will have to step up for the team to be legit national championship contenders. his arm checks off every mark you would ever want. and he is getting better that ND game this last week when he needed a play he made it. they won because of that. this is a another guy i really like from the interviews with social media to what i hear about him. he is much like tua first in last out. trying to lead by example and his personality is another A+. he is the type of kid you gravitate towards. he has not been ask to much at Georgia but they don't need him to do much. they have a nasty d and probably the best RB from a nfl prospective coming up in Swift let the kid use him weapons. if he can be a game manager who can make the big play when needed then he will for sure be my number two.

3. Joe Burrow

this guy came out of really no where to explode with great week after great week, right now he is probably the heismen favorite. he is running an NFL in lsu under Joe Brady. he looks great doing also, has exploded on the scene as one of the best QB in college Football. he has been making great throws and probably worked his way up to competing for top 10. especially if continues like this. what he has done at lsu so far has been special

4. Justin Herbert
his stat line looks great 10 td 0 ints. and he has been good but i don't know as much about him as do Tua or Fromm. he also seems to not the best against the best opponents and he looked kinda meh against auburn. he still looks like a good NFL QB. to me he is the biggest boom or bust from this group. has good size at 6'6 238. he is a very good athlete probably will clock in at 4.6 combine, has escapibility. doesn't seem to fair the best with constant pressure though.

5. Jacob Eason
this kid was the top QB prospect of his class. got injuries then beaten out by Fromm. then he transferred to Washington where is now starting. he has looked good most games. he is the most of a pocket passer so far i see in the class. i think Fromm has a bit more athletic ability then Eason. the thing with Eason is he throws a beautiful ball. has been making NFL level throws. his game against BYU had some throws you watch and you are like ya this is nfl throw and nfl QB.

6. Jamie Newman
this kid is making wake forest Relevant in the ACC for the first time in a long time. last year he was starting but he looked more like an athlete playing QB. this year he is running less throwing more. his throwing and arm is looking great. he can make every throw you want your QB to make. and is a dark horse in the heisman. oh i did say last year he looked more Like an Athlete. think a 6'4 230 pound kid who runs like Cam NEwton and you have Newman. i feel he compares really favorable to what people are calling a QB 2.0 and could sneak him self in the back end of the first round especially with a low 4.5 to high 4.4 40 yard.

and thats why i think this class is special at QB. there are 6 guys on my radar as potential franchise QBs and that doesn't happen often.