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    Question About Advantages/Disadvantages of White Uniforms With Snow

    Are there any advantages or disadvantages for a team playing in white uniforms with snow during a a game?

    Initially I thought white would be a advantage for the defense (specifically the secondary) as they would blend in, but then if that were true there the wide receivers on offense would blend in as well making it tougher for a quarterback to find an open man in a timely manner. Conversely, bright red uniforms stick out so you'd think it'd be easier for spot defensive corners or to spot open receivers. I might be overthinking this, but what are your thoughts? Does anyone here with actual playing experience have any insights into this?

    As an aside, I'm not blaming the loss on the uniforms. I'm just genuinely curious as to how white uniforms during snow affects the team playing in them.

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    It could affect passing accuracy from a visual point-of-view.

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