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    Quote Originally Posted by arapaho View Post
    They used Ekeler in the passing game, but he wasn’t effective, I think because the defense recognized that and eliminated it
    i really don't want to keep rehashing this game because i have moved on but i'm not saying they didn't try to use him at all but they were not using him like they did before. they were hell bent on trying to get gordon rolling and that wasn't working for sure.

    If the defense is covering it well, the Play will not be effective, plus with a stouter interior d, the linebackers and DB didn’t have to worry about being gashed through the gut like we did the week before and didn’t suck up when the chargers faked a handoff to Ekeler looking for a screen
    the underlined is the only thing true there. that interior line has very little to do with it unless you're talking the running game. stopping AA in those instances means one guy needs to "cover well" and make an open field tackle, i guarantee your defense and coaching staff didn't say to themselves during the game "well, we are doing a good job stopping Gordon in the running game so lets not worry about that as much"

    you are pretty ridiculous sometimes bro.

    With all that great experience of your assistant coaches that you bragged about you’d think if it wasn’t anything the broncos did but merely what the chargers didn’t do
    They would have corrected it

    By the way he caught 15 passes against the broncos as the rb, so I’d say they tried using him in the passing game...broncos defense

    this one win didn't do anything to change my viewpoint of that, my point still stands. VF did not come into a good situation at all. the broncos defense has ALWAYS played us like that regardless of the coaching staff, basically since von miller has been in house.

    they know what we are doing because they know us that well and are good at stopping it. they are not going to change the way they play us just because they changed the defense.

    it hasn't mattered who was the coaching staff, it's always been the same.

    as far as your point about the amount of catches AA had, yes they did still try to get him the ball in the passing game and yes the broncos defense covered it well, no it wasn't because of the interior lineman lol

    i'm moving on, see you in denver week 13 after our bye where we are hopefully healthier and playing better. try not to be eliminated from the playoffs by then, okay?
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