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    American Horror Story

    Did anyone like Ebsoria watch the Apocolypse season?

    We usually have threads on this show every year. I decided to wait on Apocolypse until I could binge on Netflix though.

    It was such a good season. One of my favorites in the shows history. I love how they weaved almost all of the seasons together in this one and absolutely loved how the final scene came full circle with the ending to Murder House. I actually went back to the final episode of season one to see if they ever called the kid Michael. But I donít think they ever named him.

    Iíve got 1984 recording now but I want to wait until I have enough recorded to binge it. Itís so much better that way than week to week.

    Evan Peters is such a great actor by the way.

    But I also loved seeing Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Taissa Formiga and many of the others back.

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    Maybe I’ll have to start watching...

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