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    How many passwords are you required to use? How many of them are the same???

    I can hardly keep track, though I do track them these days, unlike what I used to do which got me in all kinds of trouble when trying to recall what they were.

    Some folks make me laugh though, because apparently they still use the ole, "123456" or "password". I'm a little more sophisticated, but probably not as wise as I should be. It bugs me that I have some passwords with a few caps/numbers, because it slows me down!! As if I am in a huge hurry!

    But some places I connect with have interesting security, that makes me wonder how smart they are. My friend told me that he has extra security, like some do where they ask you for additional info just in case....but one of them is simply what is your favourite ice cream flavour. Heck, most of us probably have no more than 3 flavs that make it to that level, unless you are a more creative type, I suppose. I can see an imposter thinking..."ok, lets go vanilla, followed by chocolate, then strawberry." I think my pal should just lie a little, and go "mangopeachblueberrypeanutbutter", though that might not fit.

    And one password I will never forget came about when a person at the place I worked asked me to use her credit card for a company purchase. When I got there, I needed a password, so I called her. Lets just say, for a person I thought was pretty clean, she had a very interesting vocabulary!

    When I am critical, I wonder if our security is really that secure. I've heard/read far too many security breaches, and was told at an IT type conference several decades ago that companies would not go public (in cases where they caught the intruder) because it would scare customers away. So even if security laws are different now, think of all the "break ins" we never heard about.

    I can go on about what it was like to have our identity stolen, but that's another story altogether!

    Stay safe!
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