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    Quote Originally Posted by EddieMac View Post
    Lots of tailgating..... it’s a blast...
    I'll bet it is. I have had a blast tailgating with other Denver Fans as visitors. I can only imagine what it would be like at the home stadium.

    I'm definitely jealous right now.

    Have a great time Floss,
    My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter

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    Quote Originally Posted by flosstein View Post
    Hey all! Heading in for the game. Been a while since Ive been out to Denver. Is there anything pre-game events or festivities I should attend?
    I'm jealous 😭 I wanted to go to a Denver home game so bad this year!! But, I had to settle going to the Vikings vs Broncos game in Minneapolis since I'm only a few hours away.

    Andy Jano 2017 adopted Bronco

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    So Im in town and pick up the sweet limited edition metal D logo hat from Sportsfans!!!! As soon as I figure out how to post a pic I post it. I went to both stores on 16th and finally the store on Federal to find my size!

    And if any posters want to grab a drink tomorrow, let me know!!! I plan on making this an annual trip!

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    Well I love my broncos friends drink lots

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