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    Can anyone say why Kyle Sloter is on a practice squad and our backup is Brandon Allen

    Not asking this to be derisive, I'm actually curious if anyone knows a legitimate reason. Sloter has proven preseason after preseason he can at least compete, regardless of the competition. Allen hasn't proven he's capable of anything. Sloter has been running a bootleg, play action offense since he entered the league. Am I missing something?
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    Because is isn't very good ? I believe Mike Zimmer made some comments in relation to Sloters ability to be a quarterback in the film room, and questioned his understanding of the play book, this was just this past pre-season. Honestly, Sloter had a one decent pre-season here, was released and went unsigned, so all 32 teams didn't want him based on that pre-season worth of tape, then he got promoted to the Vikings roster where he spent some time as a 3rd string quarterback until he was then released again by another team, went unsigned, again all 32 teams didn't want him on a roster, and he is back on a practice squad. It's not just the Broncos who don't think he is very good, it's the league.

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    Sloter proved he can be a good qb in the preseason, not the regular season. That's why.
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