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    Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 6 Titans vs Broncos

    Hey Broncomaniacs!

    Welcome to week Six of the NFL last week, the unheard of happened and the Broncos scored their first victory of the season, letís hope it is not their only victory of the season.

    This weeks brings the 2-3 Titans to the Mile High City. Our last two home games did not go well for us. If we can avoid a roughing the passer penalty and last second field goal from the opponents final drive we may have a chance.

    The Titans have a fairly good D, 5th in point per game holding opponents to 15.2 points per game. Yards per game they are 9th giving up 332 per game. Last week they Int Josh Allen and sacked him 4 times, so our O-Line needs to take care of business. The Titans rush Defense is there weak point. They give up 4.4 yards per carry and 104 yards on the ground per game. There are ripe to be gashed by our 1 -2 punch of Lindsay and Booker. Lindsay has 327 yards, 3 TDs this season. He averages 4.7 yards per carry.

    Denvers D looked better last week. They held Rivers to 211 yards and 2 ints, One in the end zone after a Flacco turnover. Melvin Gordons return was stuffed to the tune of 12 carries for 31 yards. (Maybe his holdout was not a great thing) It was a noted improvement for this team who run D for the season is 21st in the NFL giving up 4.7 yards per carry.

    Derrick Henry could have a good day depending on which Denver D shows up. For the year he has 388 yards , 4 touch downs and averages 4 yards per carry. IT appears to be a game of whose Run D holds up best.

    So Historically how do we do in game 6 of the season? We are 6 and 4 over the last decade. Of the 6 wins only 2 were at home, 4 were on the road. Of the 4 losses we lost 2 at home to on the road.

    So in 4 week 6 home games, we went 2-2. Not promising, but there is hope. Hope the run game keeps the titans on their heels and the Von and company get a few more sacks this week. Most of all I hope we double our win total.
    Hope Fangios D is up to snuff. Hope we play as hard as last week. Hope Flacco doesn't have a bad turnover in our red zone like last week.

    Thank you one and all. Please as usual follow the rules of the COC. It's game 6, the mods like us are going through an up and down season . Letís not make it harder on them. Keep hope alive. Maybe this time we get the ďWĒ Let's help them as best we can. Looking forward to the game, but not the refs yet again. As always GO BRONCOS!!
    The Game Day Thread: Year 16 in progress!!!

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    Thank you Elway !!!

    GO BRONCOS !!!

    STOMP THE titanz !!!

    GO "D" --- SACK mariota !!!

    Broncos 42
    titanz 13


    May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present.
    The Only Thing Necessary For The Triumph Of Evil Is For Good Men To Do Nothing.

    My Adopted Bronco is #95 Derek Wolfe.

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    Protect our House!!!

    Go Broncos!

    Thanks Elway

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    Go Broncos!!!

    Winning streak starts now.

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    Titans have a very weak interior offensive line therefore Iím looking for Shelby Harris and Alexander Johnson to have a huge impact in this game.

    Titans D-line ainít nothing special however they just may field the best secondary in the league! Hopefully the Broncos run the ball more often than not during this game.

    Could be all defense which means another low scoring boring game however a victory is all that matters.

    Go Broncos 17-10

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    Go Broncos!!!!!!

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    There def is gonna frustrate our offense. Their offense is gonna make just enough plays. Marcus is gonna use his legs more this game. My predictions.

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    9.15 a.m this morning I started my sporting marathon with Wales vs Uruguay in the Rugby World Cup to be followed by Scotland vs Japan.
    Early evening soccer with an Euro Qualifier between Wales & Croatia.
    9.25 a Titanic victory for the Broncos I hope to finish the day in style!
    Fulltime job being an international sports fan!

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    I have a good feeling about this one, and I can see a big game for the passing offense this week. If we can keep Joe protected, I predict he will throw for over 275 yards, throw 3 touchdowns, and we will win by multiple scores. The passing game is due for a breakout game. 2-4 here we come, go Broncos

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    Hopefully fangio and his staff will get it together and run the ball more this week. Sadly I do not feel they will.

    Broncos 20
    Titans 24
    Adopted player Lindsey

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    We got this.

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    Hoping for a big day from Lindsay and Freeman - 200 combined yards.

    Go Broncos!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastic View Post
    Hoping for a big day from Lindsay and Freeman - 200 combined yards.

    Go Broncos!!
    Hopefully the Broncos stick with the run game like they did against the Chargers last week. Lindsay and Freeman only having a combined 15 carries against the Jags the week before (despite them being one of the league's worst teams against the run) was foolish.

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    This going to be a hard one to predict. Titan offense is so up and down but their ground game is a clock controlling offense. I think it will come down to a game winning field goal by either side...... probably set up by a roughing the passer call LOL

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