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    What is going on with our Broncos???

    Hello Bronco fans.
    I have been a Bronco fan now for 40 years in sickness and in health.
    This season I have enough and for the first time I was searching a way to express my self. Mr Elway, we are not seeking a QB like you anymore since a long time. You keep hiring those old and washed up QB's, rather than finding a young talent and training / promoting that young man for many years to come. Other teams can do it! What was wrong with Osweiler. Certainly a talent promoted by Manning. There was our future and you let him go. Since we have a mess season after season.
    I am having a hard time watching anymore!!!

    Dr. Bieg

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    Look up Jeff legwold from ESPN and the Denver post, he posted an article just this week on the Broncos situation.

    Also look up Michael Lonbardi from the athletic who posted a detailed article about 3 weeks ago about the front office and their mishaps.
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    Can't seem to find the right coach.

    Can't find a franchise QB, and bringing in a washed up veteran.

    Poor drafting.

    Those three things give you what we're seeing with the Broncos.

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    Osweiler was average. Nothing more. Nothing less. We've had worse since he was here. But he wasn't necessarily better than anyone else we've had, either.

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    Osweiler just retired, too. Couldn't hack it anywhere else.

    Sanders said it best. We're living in a world of suck.

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    We have drafted badly so we are suffering from it

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    Yeah, bad game. If offense isn't going to show up they should take a 10% pay cut.....each game they play like that. Try Bolles at guard or he may be out of the league soon.

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    1. Poor drafting
    2. Poor drafting
    3. Poor drafting

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    Terrible game but I saw the look on the Denver players faces and I am sure getting booed by 74000+ fans is not pleasant. This team needs leadership from the top and I don't think they have it.

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    We need an identity. We have none, our players aren't having fun just going through the motions. We need a qb period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megalodon30 View Post
    Osweiler was average. Nothing more. Nothing less. We've had worse since he was here. But he wasn't necessarily better than anyone else we've had, either.
    Oz wasn't a savior, that's pretty obvious. But he did have some very good games on the way to SB50, while playing for the injured Manning. He showed some heart. Flacco plays like a soulless robot. Like Jay Cutler did. I have ZERO use and respect for a guy who doesn't seem to care. Like all of our offense this year not named Lindsey, Sutton, or Sanders. Sadly... just like it has during the past few seasons... the hopelessness of our offense has started to infect our ST and D. This is definitely ALL on Elway's decisions. Bronco fans that I talk to all blame Elway. He walked on water for the vast majority of Bronco fans. He should have walked into the sunset after SB50. His legacy is now being SERIOUSLY tarnished. His ego is such that he can't tolerate the notion of failure, so he's staying to try to fix things and be the hero. But he's not the hero anymore. He needs to be removed. It's sad, but that's where we are. John Elway is the problem, not the answer.

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