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    Quote Originally Posted by KWHIT97 View Post
    Immediate changes;

    Trade Sanders to Green Bay (they desperately need WR help, maybe get a 3rd or 4th)

    Trade Chris Harris for a 2nd or 3rd

    Put Von on the block and if anyone offers a 1st and then some take it.

    Wolfe has no trade value.

    Bench Flacco for Brandon Allen the next 2 weeks and allow Lock to get acclimated and ready to start coming out of the bye.

    Once Lock is off IR and proven healthy simply cut Flacco.

    Bench Bolles for literally anyone!

    Take your lumps the rest of the way.


    John takes a backseat as GM and hires Ed Dodds away from Indy.

    Extend Simmons

    In the draft and FA find a new LT, DE, ILB, and CB
    I concur with pretty much everything you say! The fundamentals you and many others here recommend, speaks to the knowledge base of our members. The term "consultant" has been mentioned in places, but in a sense, what a lot of folks here are stating is a very "cheap", make that free, but very intelligent take on what needs to be done. I see some themes throughout, and I will be quite flustered if The Broncos don't follow suit, to a high degree.

    No one has to fire Elway....but he needs to hire a quality GM. Now, admittedly, he might pick the wrong person.

    But find a personnel guru, with solid managerial skills, and every dollar will be well spent!

    Move out Flacco.

    See what Lock has....yes, even with a weak Oline. I've repeated this, but I am not as concerned as some that he will just get beaten up out there. He is young, athletic, has a strong arm, and can run. It is up to our coaches to design so that he does not hold on too long, while incorporating additional blocking support via RBs/TEs. And he can let Lindsay and Freeman do what they can to keep the Ds honest, in terms of blitzes, and seemingly overmatching our Oline. I mention dink and dunk, but I also mention going long ball early, because this kid can throw. There are plenty of ways to counter balance a poor Oline. Screens, draws, utilizing TEs/RBs on short passes. Extending Ds early, with the long ball.

    Ask how other teams are managing to incorporate backups into their lineups, and still winning. It takes some coaching/design. But if the player is the right one, even though errors will be made, it's the way to learn, and pack in your sack for offseason review. Once you get things right, it's a lot of muscle memory so to speak. You react different, once you "get" it.

    I basically agree on your plan to revitalize the team, and get the draft capital and players you need.

    Like I say, this base of Broncos fans can almost be that consultant...because what I read in this thread is a group of tuned in folks,
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