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    whoever gets Sanders is going to get a warrior on a mission. I'll miss him if he's gone. Im not against it and it's not anything to do with Sanders performance either.

    If I wasn't so disgusted with the Broncos this year, I'd go do some research but does anyone know how 'open' Sanders has been in those games where he's barely seeing targets

    Is it a matter of QB choice ....... or is he not getting open. Was he being doubled?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel B. View Post
    At this point I wouldn't even be upset if it happens.

    Until we get a QB (hopefully Lock will be the guy after some growing pains) and we solidify our o-line with a new LT (Bolles is a lost cause) and a new RG (Leary is on his last leg) and some quality back-ups (Wilkinson is trash filling in for James) Sanders is just wasting away here.

    Von & Harris are the only vets I'd be upset to lose.

    ...anywhere but to the damn New England Patriots tho!!!

    Special thanks to Sam_Z for the SB rings collage above

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    Looks like the second for Sanders from the Patriots is not going to happen. They just traded for Sanu for a second rounder

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