I see this team closing in on a "fork" in the road, because just when they appear to still have a chance, they come up short, and with a fairly tough schedule ahead. Then there are the discussions about what to do with players - trade, hold, bench???

After the dismal display at home on Thursday, I look ahead, and wonder what may be. Here's the schedule:

@ Indy
@ Vikings
@ Bills
@ Texans
@ KC

Trying to be objective, I do not see us winning more than 5 of those games. 7 and 9 at best. And if things do not improve, based on what we just witnessed, I lean towards 6 and 10.

Funny thing though, in other threads I mention how The AFC seems weak, so 7 and 9 might get you close, and 8 and 8 is a real playoff possibility this season. Mind you, lots can happen, and some teams will rise/some will fall.

What's your take?