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Good on Brady to open up about his marriage, and how Gisele wasn't satisfied with things a couple of years back. As in, when are you going to do your part for the family.

He will gain more respect for this, and I would not rule it out as a factor with his leaving NE. It was probably more of a family decision.

Good on you TB! I am liking you more every day!!
She sounds like a whinger. Brady was putting in the work to be the best player he could be before he retires in a couple of years, then he'll have loads of free time. I'm sure he didn't completely neglect his family but I'm pretty sure he was the QB of NE when they got married so she should have understood the work that involves, other partners of NFL QB's will have to put up with the same thing but that comes with the person they married.

I wouldn't tell NE fans that he started lightning the load of his off-season work after last seasons struggles to get any consistentcy.

The off-season is 7 months, NFL players are far more blessed then 90 pc of normal people who don't get all that time off. If he was spending most of the off-season on these other businesses and ignoring his family then that should change, I don't get the relevance of skipping off-season OTA's which is a few weeks of those 6-7 months.