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Why does the D need turned around? We already have a good D.

So we keep concentrating on players for the D that are down the priority list. So we will be able to hold teams to 16 pts a game meanwhile we will score 6. I get what your saying, But outside pass rush is not an issue that needs to be addressed on defense. But it certainly is an extremely high need on Offense, along with Center and guard and we will see how RT works out. The whole adding expensive free agent OL cause they are the best available at the time has been a miserable failure. Our last draft wasn't to bad imo and we actually got a starting quality Olineman. I would like to continue this trend. Our Oline is not a player or 2 away, imo it is many players away including depth. It would be nice to be able to pick the best player available. But we are at a point where we need the best player available at a position of need. And other than 1 guy, pretty much our hole line is a need. I'd like to think James would also work out, but at this point he has shown me nothing to say I would have confidence in him next year. And we aren't going to be able to fill out all our Oline positions with expensive free agents. Nor has that worked out so far cause the best ones at the positions normally aren't available so instead of paying for the best at the position, we are over paying for the best available at that position. That is surely not a way to turn this franchise around. IMO we need to deal with the elephant in the room cause it won't fit under the carpet anymore.
I get what you’re saying, and I was partially thinking ahead to our possible FA on the defensive side that we may or may not bring back. Our defense doesn’t have much depth at all, so potentially losing one or two starters anywhere on defense would hurt.

And I completely agree with your sentiments on offense. I haven’t done a whole lot of homework on the Day 2/3 OL to make a fair assessment on this upcoming class. I don’t know if we’d be able to find a player of Dalton Risner’s caliber in the 2nd round again this year. I get the feeling that this year’s crop is top heavy especially at OT with Thomas, Wirfs, and Leatherwood looking like top-15 locks and everyone else seems to have glaring flaws or are a bit raw. I really don’t know what we have in Ja’Wuan James because he’s been injured (well, THAT concern was known about him prior to him signing here). And I couldn’t have said it any better, spending a lot of cap on the available “band-aids” up front will not progress our franchise to where it needs to be. While I think Andrew Thomas has a better chance of being available to us than Chase Young, I still would pick Chase Young if he was miraculously still on the board, regardless of who is available to us. Maybe that’s why I’m not an NFL GM either