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Iíve said this in the past several times, elway reminds me so much of Aj smith.

The gm should never have that kind of control over who plays and who doesnít unless he is also the HC.
Agreed and that is a good comparison...

Gary Kubiak, until the end, always acquiesced to John...Vance Joseph told John that the QBs in '17 weren't "championship ready," and then he shut up after that.

Fangio just wants to coach...his interest in personnel matters seems casual, at best.

John likes to have leeway to blame his coaches, and Joe Ellis likes to meddle in football matters, even as he says that he never does so.

Total spit show.

No accountability.

However donít you believe for one second that these two executives arenít meddling in all football matters. The league knows it to, in fact just last month Chris Carter said to Vance Joseph on national television that ďhe wasnt given a fair shot in Denver and everyone across the league knows itĒ. Joe Eliss was infuriated with those comments by Carter.

Itís a spit show right now and Arapaho continuously defends it but eventually heíll have to man up and eat his crow because itís not only you anymore but everyone else in here witnessing the dog and pony show that he is so ignorantly defending.