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    Need different team in draft room.

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    Scangarello does well with young QBs and Denver has three of them.

    Free agent O-Linemen are expensive. Ju'Waun James is unreliable, so RT is a concern as well as LT. Elijah Wilkinson can't be a Swing Tackle if he's starting. A replacement for Ron Leary needs to be found. Building an O-Line through the draft is less expensive which is a concern because Denver needs several.

    IMO Denver's first pick next Spring needs to be the best LT available. Denver has a larger than normal number of draft picks next year. Two or three of them need to be O-Linemen.

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    Trenches out

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    This is a difficult question. We don't really know what we have at QB. James is plenty good enough when healthy at RT, of course he hasn't been for most of his career. We all know Bolles has not been solid. I would try to fix LT in rd 1 and hopefully the next best OL you can find say rd 3. Of course if by some dream scenario a QB that shouldn't be available to us is, and we believe he is better than what we have, than QB round 1 makes sense too.

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    The line . Then the line again

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    Not sure a few of our discarded QBs wouldn't still be here if we had a top 10 O-line. Imo, the O-line is the cause of all the problems over the years and when we get it fixed, the QB position will fix it self. But, that being said, you can't pass up a legit top 10 QB in the draft if available.

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