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    Official Game Day Thread: 2019: Week 9 Browns vs Broncos

    Hey Maniacs,

    You must be gluttons for punishment if your still after the was this season has been so far. We heard the predictions for the seasons, and some predicted 5 or 6 wins. At this point it looks like they over estimated the level of suck-ittude we put on the field.

    Yet again like with the Bears and Jags we lost the game after allowing the opponent to kick a game winning field goal with less than 2 minutes remaining. We could be 5-3 if we knew how to close out games instead of 2-6. Flacco complained at the end of the game, that we should have been more aggressive and tried passing to run out the clock. Guess that explains how much faith they had in Joe. No Joe is gone for the year (cheer if you wanna) and our back up are back up as starters as like the last few seasons. Time to lower expectations again. (as if they could be)

    So now we see if it was Flacco or the playcalling by Scangarello. Granted coaching has not done us much favors all season.
    So we are about to start the 2nd half of our season against the preseason darlings of the NFL. The Cleveland Browns.
    Yeah we are having a rough years, but not much was expected from us... Can't say the same about them. They are 2-5 at this point collapsing
    in typical Brown fashion. They have a plethora of talent but can't seem to pull it together. Sounds familiar.

    Baker Mayfield is in the middle of his sophmore slump. Mayfield and Chubb were awful vs the Pats and are desperate to bounce back.
    The Broncos just want to bounce. With Mayfields 12 Interceptions this year we may have a chance. Browns are 30th in passer rating, not that we are too much better.

    Denver D sacked Brissett 4 times last week, held him to 202 yards and still managed to lose the game. Our rush defense could use a little work. Clevelands plan will be to use the run game Chubb is # 1 with 105 yards per game. Last week he was at 6.6 YPC. 2 Fumbles included. SO the Browns are the # 1 rushing team. So if we shut it down we should have a chance. Luckily thay are 27th in rush attempts because they get behind so quick.

    Now comes the tough part. Our offense. Still well under 17 PPG. Joe wasn't much, but he was a veteran QB. We average 4.2 yards per carry (15th in the league) Browns give up 4.8 per carry. So there is a way for us to do damage. With Allen starting a run heavy game seems to be the game plan. Plus our Oline protects no one, we given up the 5th most sacks so far this year.

    So game history over the last decade. We are 5-5. Of the five wins, four were on the road. Of the five losses, three were at home, two on the road. We've lost game 9 the last 4 years in a row. Lest we forget we also lost game 14 to the Browns at Denver last year. So let's not repeat history.

    Lets hope for a good game. A rare Win and that we don't humiliate ourselves out there. As always be kind to your Mods, respect the other board members and follow the COC. Thanks for staying with us through yet another tumultuous season. Have a great game day as always
    The Game Day Thread: Year 16 in progress!!!

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    Go get 'em Broncos!

    Backup QB for the win!

    Thanks Elway...

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    Thanks Elway !
    Broncos can win this one !!
    Chubb on Chubb !!!

    STOMP THE clownz !!!

    GO "D" --- SACK baker !!!

    Broncos 42
    clownz 13


    May God Bless all men and women of our Armed Forces, past and present.
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    Go Broncos!!!!!!

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    And the Brandon Allen legacy begins today.....!!!!!

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    Go Broncos!!!

    Hoping Allen can spark our offense.

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    For the first time this season, the Broncos are starting a QB that actually has physical skills. I think the D comes up big tomorrow, the offense executes more and we get a big ol' W.

    23-13 Denver

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    Broncos 16
    Brownies 3

    Five Sacks! Three Takeaways! GO D!!!
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    Thanks, Elway!

    Go Broncos!!


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    As always, despite everything, Broncos Sundays still make me excited!
    Browns go down!

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    I think we're going to get something we haven't seen this season. We're going to see unadulterated youthful energy at QB. With all due respect to Joe Flacco, his 'joe cool' demeanor hasn't seemed to have been any kind of advantage for us. Although in a few games his poise got us back into games ...... we just found ways to lose most of them.

    Now what we'll miss obviously is veteran presence at QB. ........ but I think this young team can be ok without that since Flacco already established some kind of stability in the first half of the season.

    If the Broncos find a way to win this game, I really think it's going to take Brandon Allen, Rich Scangarello and the defense to all have great games. Rich especially has a challenge to keep this QB confident against a tough D front in CLE. I just hope to see this young QB take advantage of his opportunity and disregard what most people think will happen this game.

    Win likely? no. But I do see a way. Scangarello needs to have some slick stuff at the ready and it can't be overly complicated. If CLE somehow gets the upper hand against our offense early, mm mmm mm.
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    I'm genuinely interested to see how the Broncos look offensively later today.

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    What have we become when it's a toss up of whether we're gonna beat the Cleveland Browns or not? My, how the mighty have fallen.

    The majority of the "knowledgeable sports analysts," say that we're gonna lose this game. If we do, I don't know what to think, feel, do, say, emote, ......

    Because we suck as a team, I have been only able to watch 2 games this year on TV because I live in Patriot world.

    Please football Gods, don't let us lose to the Cleveland Browns. Please. I offer up this prayer to you.
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