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    Quote Originally Posted by baphamet View Post
    crow from a raiders fan you mean? not eating any crow from you broncos fans that's for sure. your team is the worst in the division and is just getting worse. but of course you don't have to eat any crow because you have don't have the guts to say anything here besides whining.

    isn't that comical? a donkey fan that has no guts to say anything in smack that could come back to bite him talking to me about crow eating?
    The Sparklers are worse than the Broncos by far, especially after seeing them "THROW" the game away by Phyllis Riverception in Mexico last night. He added more fuel into the Dolts dumpster fire.

    You're the biggest whiner in this forum and your lame and stupid smack proves it! It doesn't matter who serves you a Crow Carcass. All that matters is you are the one eating it....constantly!

    Your definition of smack...."say anything lame and stupid that could come back to bite"....must be the main reason you post here. Your body is covered with ugly bite marks.
    Utah Bronco Freak

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    Quote Originally Posted by baphamet View Post
    i sure did but you team is awful and sitting in the basement. your defense has always played us tough, i will give you that. speaking of over-rated, hows your GM doing? everyone lighting him up all over the place i see, except you and 58miller of course!
    too bad we couldn't play the dolfins and get our 4th win...well will for sure get it when we play the chargers

    lets see how is our overrated Gm doing?
    we have the best wr in the west in Sutton
    the best RB tandom in the west in lindsey and freeman
    and despite the mistake of flacoo and then turning to a guy whos never taken a nfl snap
    and missing our starting RT all season
    we have the best Rookie Te in the game that will only get better
    we just got our #2 wr of IR, that's solid

    and despite the suck that was flacco… we have lost 4 games by a combined 10 points and

    now hows our defense? better than the chargers

    despite losing Chubb in week two
    despite not having the starting RCB all season, and then losing his replacement to IR, and playing two second year Cbs at RCB and nickle with a combined 3 games between them in year one
    despite playing a ILB who never took a snap in 2018, was out of football four years before that
    we are the 4th ranked total defense
    8th ranked in PPG
    11th in rush defense
    5th in pass defense

    get us a qb...another year in this defense and offense...we will compete with anyone

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    Looks like Baph lost a bet...

    What was it a record bet? win/loss bet? game bet?

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