I go to the U of M gym, as an alumni. It is a fantastic gym, given a lot of money was put into it, in alignment with the new Stadium that was built across the street. Both sites are top notch in terms of quality/technology/usefulness.

Regardless, I have written before about the importance of the sauna, for me and seemingly many of the older dudes that frequent the gym. It's healthy for you (as long as you don't stay in too long), it feels great after a work out, and it is a fabulous place to chat about all the issues of the world!

But bad news....almost 2 months ago, during maintenance, they found a significant problem in the sauna. It has been down ever since, and apparently a design is still being put together to fix the place. Some of us have voiced our opinions, and have been provided some discount on our memberships as a result. But we actually care more about the sauna itself. And yes, the lack of speed to resolve.

So....I have not visited the gym as much. I have some weights at my disposal in the condo, and my own. No comparison with the gym.

Here's the thing.....I always go back to basics for exercise, if I do not have access to all the equipment. Push ups, planks. some curls (using my few weights), and whatever cardio works for me. For anyone....run, walk, swim, ride a bike, row....just get some in. I like doing stairs in the condo, walking the dog...that easy stuff.

And if I do these things fairly regularly, they are not going to make me a superman type, but they can keep things in balance. Luckily I can still go to the gym, but when it's -30, and blowing, and no sauna to visit, the old tricks are still the same tricks. minus the car ride and the parking.

When I was younger and more active, I would not only go to the gym, but play sports all the time, and yes, work out at home while watching tv. I actually ran on the spot or around my place, but also the same things I still do....push ups, sit ups (back then), curls - if I could find a hanging object to reach up to.

So....not as effective maybe, but much cheaper, and right here at home. The basics. They still work. It's plan B, but I find it handy, at home or on the road.

(dang....gotta send another email for a sauna progress report!!)