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    Am I remembering this correctly?

    The Monday game reminded me of a game in 2006 Between SF and Den, after which we tragically lost Darrent Williams.

    A tie would have gotten the Broncos in the playoffs. A loss would put the Chiefs in.

    The Broncos had the ball in overtime, and a chance to run the clock out and get a tie.

    Mike Shannahan chose to play aggressively, and the 49ers ended up kicking a field goal to, leave them, as the glogger said, "Dancing in Kansas City."

    Is my memory right on this?

    The other reason I remember it is because it is one of the few times I have rooted against Miami. Miami was playing Indy and if they won, Indy would be the 4 seed, and NE the 3 seed. Because Miami lost that game, the AFC title game was played in Indy that year.

    On the topic of the MNF game, I would not have thrown two passes. I would called a draw play on one of the first two plays. If it worked, then I would have opened it up. If not, I would have just run out the clock and taken the tie.

    I think it's an interesting question to ask football fans: How would have you have played it in that situation?
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