Hey Bronco Fans.

Welcome to game 10 of our season. We haven't lost in over two weeks and I kinda like that feeling.
Hoping it will last another week, but a road trip against the Vikes is tough sledding indeed.
It's rough as the 3-6 Broncos could have been 6-3 if they didn't lose 3 winnable games to last minute field goals.
But we did and we are where we are. Say it aint so Joe. Speaking of Joe, with Flacco out we managed to win vs the Browns.
We didn't look perfect, but we looked better overall. At least no one hit our QB in the head with a helmet

Vikes are a tough game. Over paid Kirk Cousins has led them to a 7-3 record. He has 18 Tds to 3 Ints so far this year. So he has been very
careful with the ball. They are 2nd in the League in passing yard attempts. Denver's D has to be up the challenge as they are 4th in the league allowing only 202.2 yards per game.

To counter that the VIkes will turn to their stud Dalvin Cook who is having a monster year for them. Denver is 10th against the run allowing 4 yards per attempt and 107.6 yards per game. Ranked 17th. The Vike Run D stuffed the Heck out of Zeke Elliot last game, and will need to play well to stop Denvers improving rush game, Currently ranked 15th with 4,3 yards per carry and 111.9 yards per game. Lindsay has 5 TDs, 584 yards and in averaging 4.9 yards.

Why am I focusing on the run? Well I'm not sure how Brandon Allen will do in his first road game for us. He looked pretty good in his debut. Throwing for just under 200 yards, 2 TDs and using his mobility to keep plays alive. Behind our offensive line he will need to. They have given up 30 sacks so far this year. The Vikes this season have gotten to the QB 29 times so far, so Allen better have his running shoes on.

Its a 1 pm early start, which we don't do well in, but at least they didn't have to go to the east coast for this one. So how do we do in this spot?
Well we are 6-4 in Week 10 titles. We won 3x at home a 3x on the road. Of the losses we lst 2x at home 2x on the road. Good news is in the last four years we won our 10th game three times all on the road vs Bears, Saints and Chargers. So it could happen. Will it? Is another story.

So thanks for bearing with us. Hopefully you had a good week, but its back to football win or lose. Please as always watch what you post.
Hope everyone has a great game and be sure to follow the COC and help out the mods when possible. We have a great group here and want this place to be the best it can. Hope for the "W" and as always "GO BRONCOS!"