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    Fant had one good game before the bye week and Rich Gannon was all about getting him the ball. Then on the next few plays they try to spread him out like he was Gronk? The scripting is real in the NFL.

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    SB 50 was great, but I think since then, its been a pretty bad stretch of Bronco football.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roushmartin6 View Post
    I was at the game today. We had their number and we went so conservative that it was sickening. Also take that damn end around play to Fant and trash it finally. It didn't work first play of our season and it didn't work today. Refs were horrible missing soooooo many penalties but that should be expected in this day and age. Also wadman is useless and McManus chokes under pressure now. If he makes the kick he missed we can kick another one and we win
    I believe, in the trade, it is called "doing an Atlanta". Clearly none of Fangio, Scangrello, the other coaches or the players watched that Superbowl.

    The difficult part is that choking under pressure has nothing to do with talent. We could have the best team in the NFL on paper and still freeze when it matters. It's a mental problem and put simply comes down to whether you truly expect to win games, or suffer fear of making a mistake that will cost you the game. Full marks to the Vikings. They expected to win. Even at 0-20 down. We were worried we might lose. Even at 20-0 up.

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