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    Funny how this thread's tone changed. :-)

    Obviously, we need to beat KC in KC because of the way they embarrassed us on TNF! Everything is set up to go into their house and make them look just as bad! We have a much better defense than KC and for this game we will need it, but this time around we won't be having those 3 and outs like we did when Flacco was at the helm, and to be fair that might have been Scans' mistake because even Flacco called him out.

    I care less about going farther in the season, and more about beating the Chiefs! We need to put them on noticed that a new sheriff is in town and we are still mad about the last meeting!! You know Von is going to rally the troops and the offense will have to find their own leadership to step up but it is ON! It is almost like now we can circle that game on the calendar. We need this win more than any other in the season because where we end this, is where we start next year and next year is looking a whole lot better!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by haciendadad View Post
    I think Lynch is probably working closely with Kyle. Kyle has a lot on his plate and may someday be the HC/GM so he is getting some of that experience now. His dad was a HC/GM at one time, if I remember correctly (I could be wrong one this) so he seems to be mastering all the positions as he progresses in his career, so I wouldn't put it past him that he has a lot of influence in the GM duties, at least in the beginning and in the drafts/trades.
    Totally agree. Now that there has been a shift in the teams direction, my outlook on the FO has softened a bit. My earlier post was throwing shade on our FO, but I agree with your post and Iím starting to have hope for the FO. This is a pivotal offseason.

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    As far as winning out, thereís a slight glimmer of hope, but winning in KC in December will be a very tall order.

    If they do find a way to win in KC, I actually think they have a good chance of winning out.

    Avoiding a 3rd consecutive losing season would be really awesome!

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    So we have to win out and

    Week 16
    Texans beat Titans
    Bills beat Steelers

    Week 17
    Saints beat Titans
    Jets beat Steelers

    Week 18
    Ravens beat Steelers
    Texans beat Titans

    Beating the Chiefs will be the hardest. Bills should hopefully be able to beat the steelers but I'm not sure if the Jets could. Too bad we couldnt have choked that Vikings game or had those BS roughing the passer penalties against the bears, colts or jags.

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