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    Are we seeing the last of philip Rivers ?

    you won’t find us saying that Philip Rivers is washed up, not a year after he enjoyed arguably the best season of his career. However, it’s 2019 now and a new season, and Rivers has not come close to replicating the Hall of Fame-level play he showed last season, raising serious concerns about his future.

    Rivers was intercepted four times in Monday night’s 24-17 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City. For the second straight game, Rivers threw multiple interceptions and was picked off on his final pass of the game as he was trying to lead his Los Angeles Chargers to a comeback win.
    Rivers went 28-for-52 for 353 yards with a touchdown and four picks. He fumbled once, but his team recovered the ball. The Bolts had a few drops, while the offense’s plan seemed to be having Rivers heave the ball into traffic and hoping his receiver would come down with the ball. He didn’t see Tyrann Mathieu on an interception that led to Kansas City’s first touchdown of the game. The way he was picked off on that play was reminiscent of what happened in the loss to the Raiders when Erik Harris got him three times, although the third interception was negated by a penalty.

    Rivers appears to be telegraphing passes. When he’s not doing that, he’s getting fooled by coverages, according to ESPN analyst Booger McFarland. He also was sloppy in getting balls batted down at the line of scrimmage or even throwing balls into a teammate’s head.
    rivers has always been a competitor and at times his ability to be deadly accurate, make smart throws was frustrating as an opposing fan, but Father time wins all battles.

    considering that rivers is on the last year of his contract, seeing his play this year leads to the question will the chargers offer another short contract in the range rivers has been paid (23 mill per season) or will they low ball him...or not even attempt
    to resign him....the chargers may be in the draft looking to move up for a qb in a year there are some good ones

    as a opposing fan I will be torn on this...rivers was a competitor you could just dislike immensely when losing
    and jeer and cheer when you could beat him, make him scream at his helmet

    but in the end rivers being gone is kinda an end to a era in bronco and afc west football which is sad in its own way as a fan of the game
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