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    Anywhere I want on 18 wheels
    Btw, itís week 15, not 14.
    Negs are Cowardly Acts of Nonsense. I wonít Back Down.
    No Matter How Stupid Your Comments Are!
    Still Not Backing Down!!!

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    Chiefs fans are acting like they just won a Superbowl.... It's amazingly frustrating living in Kansas...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantaztic7 View Post
    Von Miller hasnít played well this season. He should look in the mirror.
    Could be the coach and the scheme. Maybe the coach should look in the mirror on how Miller has not thrived in his def. People trying to make it seem like fangio make mack but he didn't. He was great before him.
    We could have had Lamar Jackson *LJ for M.V.P*

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    As bad as the game was I watched to the bitter end. This is a different team than we saw at the beginning of the year. Next year should be interesting.

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    It is unfortunate we had to play in snow like we did. Even if we still lose I would have liked to see how this team faired against them in a dry climate

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