There is a perception about the reaction of Elway and Fangio to the successes of the team in the last stretch ..........and Drew Lock in the last stretch.

Local media kind of flames Elway and Fangio about not acknowledging Lock and the team's recent successes being the absolute answer to the Bronco's problems.

First of all, isn't Fangio's job to have each and every player on the roster --improve--? Isn't it a better approach to say "Von played great but I think he can be even better" than to gush over Von and/or Lock?

From Elway's point of view, do these media talking heads expect Elway to acknowledge that Lock IS the answer to the Bronco's problems and that he's a franchise QB or whatever they want him to say.........

..... with Elway's sketchy history at drafting QB, would his acknowledging Lock 'being the guy'.........and if (and we all hope this doesn't happen but we don't know yet) Lock actually ends up not being 'the guy' ~wouldn't that be the ultimate in failure to assess the situation? Elway has to slow roll this. He can't just declare Lock is the future etc.

And neither can Fangio. Give them a break on this. They gave props to him. They just didn't 'put him into Canton'........which is exactly what I would expect from my HC.