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    Quote Originally Posted by Champ>NFL View Post
    Agreed. But Id take Tom and a ring with Lock watching
    I would bet a significant amount of money that Brady doesn't win another ring. I'd bet less if he stays in NE. Though I'd bet more that he never appears in another Super Bowl if he leaves NE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beastlyskronk View Post
    Haven’t made it through this entire video but focusing on Bolles throughout this is making my head hurt. He’s just consistently trying to hug guys. At 2:44 he makes a good block where he gets his hands in the defenders chest and wins easily. If he could do that (although not what he did because he lowered his head) he’d be a lot better.
    He has rocks in his head, and the fanbase has too low of expectations of him as a starting left tackle. He has been so bad with holding that even when he is playing badly, as long as there isn't a flag, people are impressed with the "improvement".

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