April 23-25th is when it all happens. The 2020 Draft Class moves forward, some relegated to Undrafted status. Each year there are players that rise or fall in status, and for many, it has already begun. It may have started a long time back. But as we near The Draft, with The Combine, FA, and a plethora of interactions/try outs with teams, individual stock can even get "volatile", if something happens that is unexpected. Positive and negative. I can give plenty of examples over the years, how one event, or piece of info, changed things dramatically for a player. Lets just stay positive and focus on how Julio Jones' stock catapulted thanks to an amazing combine, which translated to a major draft trade!

Sometimes it is more subtle, like team needs that override value at some point.

Anyway....I am starting this list today with more of an observational expectation, based on the "need" aspect alone. I am getting more educated in who these young players are, and what they bring, though I am not a student of college football. This year I realize one thing certain, that Chase Young is going to be drafted very, very early, and is considered by most folks I read as the #1 talent in this class. Who would not want a stud Edge??!! Expectations are that he goes 2, unless a serious trade takes place.

Then I look down the list and it appears that there is not another Pass Rushing threat until the 20s (per D Jeremiah). Now that's not bad, but names like Epenesa, Chaisson and Davidson do not ring loud and clear to me yet. Possibly this is a weak Edge kind of year, once you get past the stud Young. But something tells me teams are going to cringe a little, and "need" a pass rusher, because after all, excellent pass rushers are like gold in a QB driven league!

So here's my take....whether or not these 3 players deserve to move up, I have a hunch that at least one of them will end up in the top 15, because there is an apparent shortage of rushers in the early part of this draft, and teams NEED pass rushers!

Lets see how this plays out.

Look forward to your views on player stock, from now til the end of April!