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How is it the bill passed ........unprecedented in size and scale ........doesn't even cover Coronavirus specific 'care'. Sure you can have a free test because it helps people other than the individual.

Plus they're asking the country to stay home but they're only cutting them a single 'one time' peanuts(no offense Peanut) check. At the same time, the corporations are getting GINORMOUS amounts of money.

I'm not against supporting businesses........but in order to keep people at home where the leaders say they NEED to stay --- they need to alleviate the NEED to go make money to survive. Sounds like they're having a problem with people staying home in California
dizzÖ.I understand your view. The usual big biz support, which tends to be a rule of thumb, and one I used to completely concur with if we can hope that they return the favour by redistributing while strengthening their business, not their pocketbooks. They do not always spread it around. But I am glad there are restrictive rules, as in, no stock buy backs.

I will give the package support, in that it appears that being overly selective is not the way to get things fluid again (per lessons learned from 2008), even if people can not work. Just get the money out, and soon. But I sure hope big business gets it right, maintains employment (even if folks stay at home for a while), and appreciate their responsibility. If the government helps you, you better help your employees!

Conversely, I worry about small business, who can barely make a decent living at the best of times. They are the fighters, who make a go of it, and yes, hire some folks as well.

And as for the people who need cash, now, lets hope for the best. By receiving any form of cash, and getting some "love" from their landlords, bank loans/mortgages, taxation, etc....it can give them enough room to maneuver until things settle down.