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    This complete over-reaction by countries/governments is absolutely moronic and dangerous. There is just no common sense or perspective applied nowadays and the hysteria caused by the media has only fed the over-the-top modern world that we live in where people panic and get scared about every little thing. The media blasts out coverage 24/7, gives this thing a name, and gives everyone the 'worst case' side of the situation and it just leads to panic like we have seen in the shops. I cringe at the stupidity of some people nowadays.

    I'm not saying to ignore it but there has to be a sensible balance of life carrying on as normal and not shutting everything down like we have seen in Italy, Spain, France, and I expect more countries will follow suit. I have heard leading business people say that when this is over the economy will have been devastasted, many independent and smaller businesses will close down, and thosands of people will be laid off work permanantly. These countries have brought all this on themselves, if there was a little sense applied and sensible measures put in place it would not ruin countries economically, shut down thousands of businesses, or cost hundreds or thousands of people their jobs. Shame on everyone who has contributed to this ridiculous mass hysteria.

    In the UK for example 21 people have died (all with serious health problems) out of a population of 67 million. Since October 6500 people have died of the seasonal flu. Again, measures need to be put in place but there is no balance, just absolute irrational panic.

    It doesn't help their case either when we see people who have contracted it on the news say they felt bad with a high temp. for 8-10 hours and then 2 days later had recovered. One older person said he has had flu before which was worse then this. I see the media do not report that the vast majority of people who contract this virus have mild symptoms and recover in 2 days, I guess that doesn't obtain them the coverage they crave by causing panic.

    I also hear that it is only deadly to people who have severe health problems or people over 70 (and again they fail to report that the majority of people over 70 do not die), while I feel for these people isn't this true with ANY cold / flu / sickness bug. If I get a bad cold I don't go and visit my elder relatives because I know it can be dangerous for them, its just called common sense.

    If sensible measures where put in place like - screening at airports, restrictions on nursing homes and other elderly people related centres, etc....... then I would applaud these leaders, but once they cave in to pressure from the mass public and start locking countries down and costing people their jobs and businesses then I find them ridiculous.

    I know we live in the 'twitter' age where far too many people are 'sensitive' and have no sense of perspective but it is still annoying and as I said earlier, dangerous.

    So guys, if you have a runny nose, sore throat, dry cough, or a temperature do not panic, it is not the end of the world as you may have read, get out from under the bed with your packs of toilet roll and just live your lives. If by some chance you get this virus then give it a couple of days and your get over it. Yes its been given a cute name but keep some perspective, life goes on.............
    Bronx….I do agree with you that the media seems to always overplay, and add panic to situations. At some point I want a break from hearing the same news. Yes, I want new information that is important to know, but the media seem to compete in such situations, to the point it gets me more nervous than productive. Once we have the key data, and are given a game plan to follow, all we need is relevant information going forward.

    On the other hand, I do understand the criticality of getting this right. It does seem to be a lot like other flus. It seems to be most harmful to the elderly, and those who are weakened for various reasons. Therefore an elderly person with weaknesses, is apparently the most vulnerable. Stats tell us that 10s of thousands of Americans alone die every year (I heard it was 60,000 a couple of years back, but I do not mind being corrected if I heard wrong), because of the flu. My understanding is the total number of deaths attributed to the coronavirus was just under 5,000, as of the other wide. Again, feel free to correct if I am misled. But I thought it would be higher.

    But the variables at play that are a concern include: that we do not have enough testing capability, we do not fully understand its characteristics (ie. can a person get it more than once?, will it return with clout after the summer season, if in fact it decreases due to seasonality?, and so on), and we do not have a vaccine. So even though many of us might believe that we have a good handle on it, we really don't. But more light is being shed, and more tests are happening, and a vaccine is potentially making some head way. And yes, on the surface, it appears like we know quite a lot about its characteristics.

    I hope that things improve quickly, so that few lives are lost, that folks do not lose their jobs, and that businesses have a fighting chance to stay functional. And I really hope this has some of that Y2K, or even some other diseases in past, story to it......overblown. Be we don't know for sure that it will be, just yet. And the worst thing that could happen is that many more people get very sick at the same time, taxing our hospitals and medical capability. I believe that is the going concern with those in charge. So extra caution at this stage will quite possibly prevent this pandemic from ever mounting that threat. Maybe then, hopefully, we will see our normal world pick up slowly at first and then in an accelerated manner, minimizing the problems we discuss.

    And I must add....bless all those who have been, or will be hurt by this any way.
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