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i think this pay to play act need to go into effect quicker. i feel it will help expecially at QB.

this draft season sucks in general for the players. i feel sorry for most of them. i feel like there will be some steals later in the draft though.
I too feel sorry for the draftees, as I do for most employees. BUT, I have a feeling that a high % of those drafted feel a little more lucky than others in these times. If they get drafted, and in a reasonably accurate place for them, they have jobs and will be NFL players. Whereas many workers do not have that feeling of stability. Sure, the draft itself will be low key, but that pales in comparison to a society that is floating in waters unknown.

So I do agree that they are losing in some ways, and some will be punished because they did not get to sell themselves to the full. But overall they will have a job and a purpose, and I am sure most can handle the lack of fanfare at The Draft.