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Who is the second olineman? Glasgow and ?

Or are you counting James? Did I miss a signing?

So far the team has made lateral moves. Possibly slightly better fits to systems run but nothing significant. No holes in the roster have been filled or no upgraded.

Broncos better just from injury returns. Hopefully Chubb, James and Callahan all return and contribute?

I’ve been advocating that Wolfe and S. Harris should be re-signed, cracks me up that so many are now “ settling” on their returns. Hopefully those bridges aren’t burnt down by Elways ambivalence.

Team needs to be adding upgraded talent. Not lateral moves and relying on bargain deals or rookies to be difference makers this season.
Ya counting James, he is a piece that we did not have last year. Who knows what injuries will happen between now and then, but think James has to be considered a "new" starter on the OL.

I only count the net sum, CHJ and Parks out, Bouye and Callahan in. Did we improve? We will see, but for me the point coming out of FA is to break even and then improve through the draft and player development. Right now DL is the huge area we need bodies in, maybe a trade and couple value signings. Still a couple guys I like.