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I love this strategy although I would say Jeudy or Jefferson. I am not the biggest Ruggs fan. He just disappeared in too many games for my liking. I will not be disappointed if we grab him but I would rather trade back 5 slots or so, pick up another third, and take Jefferson before I took Ruggs. If Jeudy is not on the board at 15 I would try to trade back a bit.

I understand the concerns about Mims, but I am not as down on him as you are. By all accounts he actually ran those routes at the combine and Senior Bowl week. I don't see him NOT being able to do it on tape. I see him running the routes that limited offense asked him to run. I do see some pop is his game, which I like. Nothing like Hamler or Ruggs though, in terms of pop.

that being said I understand the concern.

I also really like Cleveland. Love him in the second or would not be disappointed to move up a bit to get him. I am also a huge fan of Lucas Niang. Some are calling him lethargic (reminds me of the Orlando Brown situation a couple of years ago) but he doesn't give up penalties or sacks. If Cleveland is not there I would rather take Niang a little later than take someone like Austin Jackson.
i would generally agree another mid round tackle prospect that interests me is Prince Tega Wanogho. his physical traits are top notch and you could hardly tell that he is realitively new to football. i think he may end up having the highest upside of any one else in this draft. even if his pass protection technique is kinda meh and his run blocking technique is down right poor. his upside looks huge when i watch him. he has all the traits you want from a starting OT.