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You still don't get it, do you? The pats are considered the greatest dynasty in league history. I don't care what a small minority of fans like you think. And what's all this losing you're talking about? Has the 2020 season started? As I've said, football ( and perhaps logic) is not your thing. And yeah NE may be in for some tough times, but we're joining the Broncos who have been at the bottom of the league for most of the past 2 decades. The difference we have a coach/GM who will bring our winning ways back pretty quickly, while Denver will be floundering.
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"Most" Hey Clueless, we have had nine postseasons and only four sub .500 seasons in 20 years.

Enjoy your collapse, we certainly will.
^^^^what he said!

Hey tammy....do we have to pull out all the stats again, about our history and how we own you. The fact you suck big when you play in Denver. The fact that if you were in a division with us, over time, you would probably be praying to go elsewhere....to a comfy place, like The AFC East.

I can get those stats.

By the way, greatness is over the long run, not in a short window of time.....and in future this little run of yours will be just that, a short run. Long haul dude!

And before you go, take some of these....


Did your Bucs #12 arrive yet? Be careful, it might be Godwin's.