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No, can you read? I said I wouldn't mind it if they end up with 3 wins...I didn't say I'm actively rooting for it.

And I'm prepared to suffer rooting for a crap team for the near future...I've watched how most of you handled it with the Broncos. I've got some good role models here in that regard.
I read exactly what you said and I've broken down what you've actually got going on in that space between your ears...

You're hoping for a tanked season in an attempt to grab Trevor Lawrence... Ain't happen!

Good role models indeed! Most of us have stood behind the broncos as a whole through thick and thin, winning and now losing the past three seasons!
Some including myself have brought Elways performance into question because it our right as fans but It DOES NOT mean we are any less of a fan... It shows our passion and dedication for the greatest franchise of all time!