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    Social "Undistancing"

    I am sure I did not invent this term, but it just came to me. It stems from some of the commentary I have picked up on in various places, therefore the term may be new (to me) but not the concept.

    In times such as this when we are being asked to distance ourselves, and for intelligent health reasons, it can lead to some forms of mental stress. Too much alone time. Too much time to worry about things, even if there is nothing to worry about. Too much loss of interaction with others, rather some form of actual "concern" for others. Not like us to be so "distant".

    But most of us can at least appreciate what technology has provided, via social media. Not like when I was growing up, when we would have been stymied. Then again, we were a different world back then, with less need for now, and more appreciation perhaps for the smallest of things. And my parents' generation was much better that way than we were.

    But I urge folks to stay connected via technology. Help one another by being there for them. It's time to social "undistance", and we can. Hey, we may not be fully physical, but we are there, at any time, and from pretty much anywhere. And though I question the direction and some of the negative aspects of such technology, in this climate, I am very appreciative.

    Be kind folks, Stay connected, and spread as much positivity and support as you can.

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