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He's a restricted free agent in 2021. My guess is we hit him with a 2nd round tender, at least. But regardless, if we don't work out a long term deal with him before then, I think he walks as a free agent. He's probably not happy we're giving Gordon 8mil a year, and he tends to hold grudges. He had to be talked into signing with Denver after the draft. We'll see what happens.

Read this and tell me he's going to be okay with being underpaid (Which anyone would be silly to argue he isn't) by his team.

In response to Lindsay's ability to be happy or sad....I hope he has someone in his corner whom he trusts. I hope they tell him that RB is a tough position in the NFL to be getting paid. Do not take it personal or else he may lose the same opportunity CHJr and Gordon passed on to get paid.

Best thing to do is to express one's value statement (for NFL players this is how they prepare and execute) and when it comes to the contract the lucky thing for NFL players is they have agents for all that. No need to have feelings about it for the NFL player.